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Tito’s Boat

Belgrade’s war-torn past is still fresh in the minds of its residents and while the government invests large sums of money in infrastructure projects, the protection of national heritage seems to have been waylaid. Originally constructed in 1928 for the King of Yugoslavia, the riverboat then passed to Marshal Tito as the country moved into Communism, where the boat was used to host diplomatic delegations along the banks of the Sava. Following the fall of Communism, the boat was forsaken, taking on heavy damage until mid-2018, when a small group of artists moved onto the boat, working tirelessly to restore it, hoping that the government will take interest in their battle to return a piece of history to its original pride. All photographs were shot in July 2018 using an old Leicaflex on Kodak film, with an aim to document the collective’s efforts in restoring a piece of Yugoslavian history.