Valentino Bianchi

     Tito’s Boat
     The Joe Victor
     Rome Music Town
     Noantri Oggi

     Noantri Oggi

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This work represents a glimpse of the city of Palermo in a moment of cultural and economic revival. This rebirth is recounted through the community of artists, both native and adopted, who have chosen this city as their creative laboratory. Starting from the year of Palermo as capital of culture and Manifesta 12, you can feel a unique and involving energy. The alleys, squares, markets, noble flats and artist's studios, all perfectly embody this mixture of energy from different origins.

Palermo, a visceral and welcoming city, has become a home for many of them, and with the passing of time more and more personalities linked to the arts move there, bringing with them their cultural background. Over the course of a year and a half the work has focused on documenting both the creative moments of the artists I came into contact with and the playful background of Palermo's evenings in this historical period. Trying to show a new soul that resides in the streets of the city.

While the next Manifesta 13is passing trough the city of Marseille, Palermo is still one of the poles that attracts protagonists of the national art scene, and has become a pole of continuous experimentation.

And so, are the people who transform the cities or vice versa?

The work attempts to represent this artistic movement towards Palermo, and tries to lay a photographic basis as a historical documentation of what the city is experiencing now and will experiencing in the future.